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The Association of Legal Administrators is the undisputed leader in the business of law and law practice management. ALA provides members with advice, resources, expert guidance and connections for all aspects of legal management, from the ALA Annual Conference & Expo and Legal Management Webinars  to the Certified Legal Manager Program, Job Bank and industry-leading publications.

The Puget Sound Chapter further supports ALA members living and working throughout Washington State by providing high quality, competency-based education; opportunities to develop and enhance leadership and organizational skills through Board, committee and section positions; pathways to improve diversity and inclusivity competencies; and events that create and develop a network of resources within the local legal community.

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President’s Message by Sean Monahan of Foster Pepper

Sean Monahan, President

PSALA is a special organization with an important place in the legal industry, and I am proud to serve as its President.  As with any organization, it is important to regularly consider the value we bring to our members and the legal industry. Given the high bar for membership in PSALA, we know our members are exceptional at their jobs and leaders in their organizations.  At the same time, we know those elements are just the basics.  Those who want a seat at the table know they need to understand how their job fits within the firm’s structure and operations, as well as how to leverage their network of peers and business partner contacts to bring industry knowledge and new ideas their firms.  Members of PSALA want to be involved in making the big decisions, and we know PSALA will help us get there.

This year’s efforts are focused on three key values that will help every member, no matter the place in their career, become, or remain, a key contributor in their organization: 

Leadership: The Certified Legal Manager study group that kicked off in January emphasizes and enhances the leadership skills that every PSALA member has at their core by using an innovative, peer centered process with the goal of having ten or more members take the CLM exam next year.

Education: We are breaking down the walls of our current sections and making sure every member feels welcome and excited about the educational offerings presented throughout the year.  Section meetings are now Chapter Meet-Ups, which are scheduled on consistent days and times and allow us to present interesting topics to all members.  We want HR professionals to be excited about attending a Technology focused meeting, and Finance focused individuals to be energized by a facilities topic.  It is by understanding the way all the pieces fit together, whether you a functional specialist at a large firm, or a principle administrator who must wear many hats, that you truly show value to your organization.

Connections:  In person networking in a social networking age is more important than ever, and we believe it’s okay to be analog when it’s something as important as building relationships.  As we continue our famous social events like the Spring Fling and Summer Social, we are also refocusing our digital resources to include members from across the State.  Whether it’s our lively list-serves or the new Soundings blog, there are great opportunities to for members to share and connect outside of meetings.

PSALA members are not satisfied with only knowing part of the picture.  We are the home for people who want to do great things, and make great changes in the legal industry.  If you want a seat at the table, PSALA is the place for you.

ALA's Presidents’ Award of Excellence:

PSALA’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At PSALA we believe that our Diversity and Inclusion work, at its foundation, requires a commitment by each member to our individual, on-going development of cultural competence as professionals in the legal industry. Cultural competence refers to an active process of developing our awareness of our own identities, assumptions and biases; developing our knowledge of the backgrounds and cultures of people with whom we interact and work with in our communities; developing skills to engage in culturally sensitive interactions; and advocating for more equitable organizations through mitigating bias in systems, processes and decision making and modeling behavior that fosters inclusion within our organizations.

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PSALA Business Partners

PSALA members see our business partners as preferred providers of the latest products and solutions, as well as industry thought-leaders in the business of law. 

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