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The Association of Legal Administrators is the undisputed leader in the business of law and law practice management. ALA provides members with advice, resources, expert guidance and connections for all aspects of legal management, from the ALA Annual Conference & Expo and Legal Management Webinars  to the Certified Legal Manager Program, Job Bank and industry-leading publications.

The Puget Sound Chapter further supports ALA members living and working throughout Washington State by providing high quality, competency-based education; opportunities to develop and enhance leadership and organizational skills through Board, committee and section positions; pathways to improve diversity and inclusivity competencies; and events that create and develop a network of resources within the local legal community.

Want to learn more? Contact Brenda Higley, Vice President of Membership at bhigley@prklaw.com or Lisa Sterritt, President at SterrittL@LanePowell.com.


ALA provides revised restated bylaws 

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President’s Message

President’s Message by Lisa Sterritt Lane Powell

OUR CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE As it is every April, this “President’s Message” comes with a different face, a new board, and a new set of ideas and perspectives. And with each incoming board, there is a strong commitment to build upon the hard work and achievements of the board we follow. It is from that place I begin my tenure as your Chapter President. I first want to recognize and thank Trevor Varnes and his board for their service this past year. While change is inevitable, managing change can be challenging to say the least. Over the past year Trevor led the charge as we streamlined Chapter processes and programs to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. He did this adeptly and respectfully and stood as an example of true leadership.

I learned a lot this past year from Trevor and the members of the board, as well as our chapter members and business partners. I am excited to continue our momentum as we begin to write the next chapter of our chapter. An important role of the incoming board is to help chart a course for the chapter to follow in the coming year. As I thought about this directive, I considered the ways in which I set and achieve my own goals. By strengthening and expanding my circle of influence. Puget Sound ALA is a community of influencers. We all influence, and are influenced by, an incredible circle of thought leaders because of our connections within and outside of PSALA.

Through educational presentations, chapter meetings, articles, listserves, and member and business partner events, we have unfettered access to a wealth of knowledge, resources, and information. And by strengthening and expanding our circles of influence in the next year and beyond, we continue to position ourselves and our organizations for the future and what it demands. I am a firm believer that you get what you give. Circles of influence always start out small, but the greater the effort, the greater the reward, and the greater our circles of influence become. With this goal in mind, board members will be reaching out to chapter members and business partners alike to serve on committees, project teams and task forces. We need your energy and ideas. But don’t wait for them to call you! I ask each of you to invest in your PSALA membership and/or sponsorship, and volunteer to help form how PSALA continues to provide value to you, your firms, legal departments and organizations.

Your participation is vitally important to the success of this chapter. I invite your call to discuss how you can make a difference and add to our circles of influence. I look forward to working with all of you in this coming year and beyond and thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve. Let’s get going!

ALA's Presidents’ Award of Excellence:

PSALA’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

At PSALA we believe that our Diversity and Inclusion work, at its foundation, requires a commitment by each member to our individual, on-going development of cultural competence as professionals in the legal industry. Cultural competence refers to an active process of developing our awareness of our own identities, assumptions and biases; developing our knowledge of the backgrounds and cultures of people with whom we interact and work with in our communities; developing skills to engage in culturally sensitive interactions; and advocating for more equitable organizations through mitigating bias in systems, processes and decision making and modeling behavior that fosters inclusion within our organizations.  
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PSALA Business Partners

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