Business Partner Testimonials

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Steven Colson "Having served on numerous boards, organizations and committees, I have found The Puget Sound Chapter of Legal Administrators to consist of the single most engaged membership. Through a myriad of informative and entertaining events, PSALA members go out of their way to connect with Business Partners and facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship. This is made possible by a sincere effort among PSALA members to support the Business Partners that engage with the organization, and is magnified by the extraordinary industry support the PSALA enjoys throughout the Puget Sound. Thus, though a single highly engaged organization, I can access the breadth of a business sector that actively participates in my success."


Steven Colson, CIC Lovsted Worthington

Lynn Nelson The Puget Sound Association of Legal Administrators has allowed me to meet law firm decision makers in a relaxed environment. As a salesperson, I truly appreciate the chance to develop real relationships that bring my skills and abilities to bear and at the same time teach me more about the legal community. It has been the most valuable business group I've belonged to. Thanks.

Lynn Nelson, Pacific Office Automation
Martin Rodriguez

Just wanted you to know what a fantastic job the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (PSALA) has been doing for us (Seitel Systems).  As a business partner, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your willingness to help us connect with the legal industry.  The venues and opportunities you provide us are so important to how we do our business. It makes a real difference.  We have always known that good partnerships make for good business.  Our partnership with PSALA has always been one of the best.

Thank you Lisa Wabik, Lisa Minor, and the PSALA team for the very fine job of making me (and my company) feel part of this family.  It has been a pleasure working with you and PSALA these past few years, and we look forward to continued success and teamwork in the years to come.

Martin Rodriguez, Sales Manager/Account Manager, Seitel Systems

Greg Wagner My association with PSALA goes back a long way, and I’ve had the good fortune to establish and maintain productive business relationships with many of its members. In short, I’m grateful for the opportunity to know these people, for whom I have a great deal of respect, both professionally and personally.


Greg Wagner, Pacific Law Recruiters

Gregory Walther

“The opportunity to get to know PSALA members and their respective firms/companies on a professional and personal level is one of the very best things about being a Business Partner with the PSALA. Over the course of my career, I have counted many members as not only valued clients but also close friends. No where else in the legal community have I seen such a camaraderie of professionals dedicated to not only making their own employers and employees better, but in ensuring their colleagues have all the resources available to them for their own success.”

Gregory J. Walther, Robert Half Legal

Sarah Woods

We renew year after year because we believe in and benefit from the good work PSALA does. The commitment PSALA has to education, professional development and community service assures us that we are sending our applicants to firms managed by people with very high standards. Our relationships with your members give us a greater sense of community in the work we do. And last but not least, we always enjoy the pleasure of PSALA members’ company.

Sarah Woods, Woods & Associates

I enjoy the whole flow of how the networking events are staggered throughout the calendar year.  Having the business partner vendor fair in the beginning of the year works great because it allows for an event and face time with the ALA members where it is more appropriate to talk about our services.  Having networking events in the Spring and Summer months are perfect times to connect back with everyone in a more relaxed social environment.  This has really allowed for me to connect with everyone on a more personal level.  This combination of having structured events where it is appropriate to talk business and also have events that are more for socializing is the way every chapter should do it!"

Paul Murphy, ABA Retirement Funds Program

"Having a strong relationship with the Puget Sound Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators has been of great value to Washington Archives Management. The chapter and its members do a great job of engaging their members and business partners, and providing plenty of opportunities for networking, education, and ultimately doing business. Our years of sponsorship have been rewarded with a solid footprint of clients in the local legal industry as well as a positive reputation that leads new firms and opportunities to our company. We have also been active on the Community Service Committee which has provided us with opportunities to benefit the local community and the charities that support it. We look forward to many more years of working with the PSALA and its members."

Nick Naubert, Access Management

"I have been a business partner working with the PSALA since November of 1999.  As a former law firm administrator and long-time peer of many of the ALA, it was a change to be a business partner and work with members in this new role.  Over the years I have had many opportunities to attend functions and work directly on committees.  I had not, until this year, been part of an ALA Conference as a business partner.  The conference experience was an excellent one from my perspective. It allowed an opportunity for my company to be visible to a large number of ALA members and provided numerous opportunities throughout the conference for me to interact with members personally.   Many members that I had a chance to connect with are people I don’t see on a regular basis, which was of particular benefit to me and my company.

It is very evident that all of the events that the PSALA organizes and hosts have carefully considered their Business Partners, and how the event would benefit these partners as well as be of interest to their own membership, creating a true “win-win” opportunity for everyone."

Shelly Langley, Langley Recruiting LLC

"PSALA provides opportunities for the Business Partners to share in the common goal of supporting selected community service organizations while learning more about individual members and what is important for their own organizations.  The ability to interact on a social level while "doing something good" is a key differentiator for me as a business partner."

Vicki Rova Mueller, Knoll, Inc.