PSALA Cookbook

The Community Service Committee will be preparing a cookbook throughout the year to be ready in time to be sold at the 2011 Holiday Social. The proceeds will benefit Rescue Mission ( This will not be your usual cookbook in that we are attempting to have more unusual categories than you generally see in cookbooks.

We have provided the categories for each month month so you can go ahead and send your recipes for upcoming months. We have developed a template to use to enter your recipes. Although many hands make light work, a little care at the front end will make all the difference in keeping this project manageable. We would also like to encourage anyone who would like to work on a discreet project without committing to being on an official committee to help with this one. We will need typists, proofreaders, etc. We may also be soliciting your original artwork as the cookbook develops. Please use the template below to send your recipes to Vicki Denning.

Below are the categories for the entire year. 

  • December - Best Holiday Recipes (your best recipe which you traditionally serve around the holidays)
  • January - Losing those lbs. (your best low-calorie, low-carb or low-fat recipe)
  • February - Cooking with Kids (this can either be recipes that are great for kids to prepare or recipes that will please those picky-eaters)
  • March - Special Diets (includes recipes for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or any other type of special diet)
  • April - All Things Sweet (cookies, cakes, candies, etc.)
  • May - Quick & Easy (recipes with 8 ingredients or less)
  • June - Around the World and the Pacific Northwest (recipes that are from other cultures and of course, great recipes for our local products)
  • July - Where’s the Beef? (Barbecue and outdoor cooking)
  • August - Let’s Go Green (Sustainability in cooking…using home-grown products, canning, preserving, and healthy living ideas)
  • September - BYO (Potlucks and tailgating)
  • October - Comfort Foods November - Slow and Easy (recipes for the slow-cooker)
Click here to download the template to use for submitting recipes. Let the cooking begin!